Single Coffee Maker

Keurig Single Coffee Maker

The best type of coffee you will probably enjoy is perhaps those brewed fresh and flavored. Perhaps, are you the only person in the house who enjoys coffee? If you are, you may consider the Single Coffee Maker. It is designed as your personal coffee maker.
There are many different single coffee makers (also known as single cup coffee makers) on the market. Before you ever purchase any of these makers, you ought to review various factors and whether it could match your lifestyle. Perhaps you should consider the affordability, whether it is easy to use as well as the durability. Every of these single coffee makers have its own pros and cons and you ought to weigh them carefully to decide which will be the model to purchase.


How to shop for the Best Single Coffee Maker?
The home single coffee maker is perhaps the most popular kitchen appliance purchased in many parts of the world. Million units are sold each and every year. However, with so many models, price ranges as well as features, it may not be an easy task to pick the exact machine you want. So what will be the requirement of a great single coffee maker then? Let’s look at 5 components for such machine.

1) WaterSenseo Single Coffee Maker
The machine is ought to be able to heat the water to about 200 degree Fahrenheit. Only at such temperature will the aroma and oils can be extracted out of the coffee beans by the machine. The temperature need to be consistent which most of the typical machines are not able to deliver that. Many of them could only get up to about 165 to 180 degree, not adequately hot for proper extraction. So it is essential to check the maximum temperate that the machine can support when shopping for it.

2) Thermal Carafe
The container that is holding the coffee is also an important component. If the machine uses a bottom heating burner, the coffee will likely loses its flavor over time. You may even taste some bitterness due to burn. If the machine is equipped with a thermal carafe to store the brewed coffee, that will be ideal as the coffee can then be kept hot without having the taste being destroyed.

3) Ease of cleaning and maintenance
The coffee maker would easily get rather dirty and messy after repeated usages. To get a great drink, you ought to keep each of the part clean and tidy. Hence the machine you pick must be easy to clean and maintain.

4) Choosing only the features that are needed.
Do not be confused or attracted to those brewers that seems to throw in lots of gimmicks or features and offering at low price. The key aspect of a good drip single coffee maker is to ensure that the water reaches the right temperature and spread over the grounded beans. Do not go for all the other necessary frills as you may be a little overpaying for such unnecessary features.

5) DurabilityHamilton Single Coffee Maker
The single coffee maker can cost between $50 to a few hundreds. So do consider whether you want the maker to last for a longer or shorter period of time. Avoid going for the cheap products as they are usually not designed to last for a long time.

So go for those machine with excellent build, preferably one with metal instead of plastic casing.

Perhaps, one of those that will possibly meet your requirement for single coffee maker is the Brew N’Go Coffee Maker by Black & Decker. You can get your favorite cup of coffee which is about 15 oz to be brewed right in this machine. The brew can be made at about 150 degree level and you need to wait for about 2min for the brewing process and another 5min for the dripping. You will be able to get a quality cup of coffee from this excellent machine. The machine is also equipped with a permanent mesh filter so that you would not need to handle and change any paper filters. The machine is also not exactly costly and its compact size is able to fit into many kitchens or apartment.



This video showcases the Keurig Single Serve Coffee Machine. The video is professionally made to first showcase the machine itself and that anyone can brew a great cup of coffee at the comfort of the home in less than 60 secs. The process is easy. Just start with the K-cup which contains the coffee beans within the compact cup. The K-cup contains the 100% Arabic coffee and a filter. Keurig also carries wide variety of K-Cup and it has also provide a “my K-cup” which is essentially a filter that allows anyone to brew their own coffee.

The system also carries a water filter which can be easily inserted into the water reservoir of the system. It comes with a Charcoal filter. The system also supports Tall Travel Mug so that the coffee can be brewed straight into it and carries on the road. This single-cup system provides a great café quality coffee for the individual.


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